Training Alarm Sounds in Leonardo Business Centre


On Friday 02nd October at 17:00 training alarm will sound in the Leonardo Business Centre. According to the legend an area on one of the building stores will be set on fire. All the fire-protection systems of the Leonardo Business Centre will trigger automatically. This will mean the start of trainings with more than 300 persons involved. Employees of ESTA Property Management as well as tenants and guests of the Business Centre will be among them.

“We hold such trainings annually”, said Tatyana Sanchenko, the executive director of the ESTA Property Management, the main objective of such event is to strengthen the security. We reckon that those who regularly take trainings are able to act in an orderly manner in the circumstances of true fire. The creation of safe working condition and caring of health and wealth of our tenants are the elements of the highest priority”.

ESTA Property Management