TSUM Kiev published the results of 2015


The team of metropolitan TSUM started painting and decorating works and leased most of the department store’s spaces.

During 2015, the TSUM team has fully completed the arrangements for the ground part of the department store. At the moment, 7 stores are already built; the glass dome crowning the department store’s atrium is assembled and mounted; and the escalators are installed. Last year, the restoration of historic façade was completed, including granite slabs cleaning, glassing of window frames and the walls restoration on the 6-7th floors.

"The TSUM took known for all the Kyiv people appearance again. We dismantled the metal constructions supporting the historic façade in the end of the last year, and the townspeople could see the façade in its all former beauty. Since the end of 2015, we started decorating works, which will last about six months," - said Mikhail Sakun, the Head of Kyiv TSUM project.

Moreover, the TSUM team continues to work actively on attracting tenants to the renewed department store. About 60% of the space has already been leased. The occupancy rate for the categories, where the orders on the collection for sale in the autumn / winter season 2016 are placed at the beginning of the year, is up 80%. On the restaurant floor, the partners are engaged in three of the five planned formats; the remaining two formats are in the final negotiation stage. As for the "Food & Beverage" category, the companies for meat, seafood, bread and other bakery products, desserts and tea departments were involved. The Central Department Store will present more than 400 brands in total.

Also, the contestants of TSUM UA - a large-scale program for the support of Ukrainian producers - are currently being registered. The best local producers in different categories, which are selected by an expert jury and popular vote, will receive the most favorable conditions for their products sale in the country’s main department store.

"TSUM is Kyiv's main trading entity, so the interest in it is very high both from the customers and from the future tenants. Our main task is to keep the overall concept of the department store and to offer customers a variety of the best products available on the market - says Andrii Mazhara, the Director for the Lease Affairs in Kyiv Central Department Store. - Some floors are already filled by 90%. As for the other spaces, we are in active negotiations."

TSUM will keep the structure of its thematic floors. Apart from the traditional cosmetics and perfumes, clothing, accessories and home goods, the department store will also present the grocery department in the food hall format, as well as the floor with cafes, restaurants and a terrace overlooking the Khreschatyk. For the convenience of visitors, the department store offers with two-level underground parking.

The total investment for the reconstruction project of the Central Department Store will be more than $100 million. At the moment, $60 million has been already spent for the reconstruction of Kyiv’s main department store, including more than $30 million in 2015.