Unknown Vandal Destroys Traffic Restriction Items in Andreyevskiy Descent


ESTA Holding is kindly asking you to identify an unknown person who destroyed several traffic restriction items in Andreyevskiy Descent.

On 8 October 2015 at 21:20 an unidentified man destroyed an operator connection console of the Podilska District City Administration and damaged a traffic restriction post in the intersection of the streets of Andreyevskiy Uzviz and Borichev Tok. According to the preliminary assessment the amount of damage makes more than UAH 30 thousand.

More detailed information is provided on the video below:

“Most regrettably the new equipment, that we bought last year for the city order finally to make the Andreyevskiy descent a pedestrian street, was subject to vandalism even before starting to function. First, a vehicle damaged one of the posts, now the unidentified man deliberately broke the console, -- says Anton Glivinskiy, PR director of ESTA Holding — that is why we are kindly asking the Kievans not only to help us to find the culprit, but also, should such situation occur again, to call the police right away”.

As the company claimed before, due to the complete lack on initiative from the part of city authorities and artificial delay in the bumper posts commissioning, the Andreyevskiy descent is still open for transit traffic and parking in disregard of the equipment being installed and ready to function.

“Unfortunately, the city authorities refuse carrying the bumper posts as an asset and take any responsibility in this respect. Unless it is done, the devices will not operate. It is authorities that should restrict the traffic but not a private company. We made any and all effort – bought and connected the equipment that cost UAH 3 mln., ran two-staged community meetings, keep on pestering the Traffic Police Administration with requests to agree on the street traffic schedule. All the initiative is from our side, though. We are under the impression that nobody needs it but we, -- summarized Anton Glivinskiy.

ESTA Holding, from its side, is ready to pay for the long-term insurance in order to minimize the load on the city budget in the event of damages once the complex is commissioned.

ESTA Holding